The outside layer of your tooth is made of enamel which can be destroyed by tooth decay, acids and trauma. If the tooth becomes heavily broken down a dental crown may be necessary. A crown can be thought of as a cap. It encapsulates a broken down tooth in order to strengthen it and provide a longer lasting restoration. Dental crowns can also be used to improve aesthetics and brighten up a smile. They can be tooth colored, gold or metal.

The procedure for making a crown is quite complex and labor intensive and thus this is reflective in the costs. It is usually completed over 2 appointments with the first being the preparation and impression appointment.


This involves the dentist precisely shaping your tooth with burs and instruments and subsequently taking an impression which is sent off to a dental lab. In the interim, the dentist will fit your tooth with a temporary crown while your crown is being manufactured in the lab. At the second appointment the dentist will place your crown ensuring an absolutely precise fit. A well constructed crown will last many years far surpassing the life span of a filling.

At Yamanto Dental, Ipswich our dentists will discuss your treatment options with you and advice if a crown is necessary.