Root canal treatment to a tooth is necessary when dental decay is left untreated and progresses into the tooth’s pulp chamber. It may also be needed when a tooth receives a knock or other types of trauma. The treatment is performed in order to save the tooth and avoid an extraction. At Yamanto Dental we recommend that patients try to save teeth wherever possible because loosing teeth will compromise oral health, chewing and aesthetics. The treatment aims to clean out the decay from the root canals and prepare them in such a way that they can be filled with an inert material.

Contrary to popular belief, root canal therapy is not necessarily painful. At Yamanto Dental, Ipswich our Dentists are skilled to perform these treatments. They will endeavour to make your root canal experience a positive one. Root canal treatments are generally done over several appointments and are of a longer duration than normal appointments. We have installed roof mounted televisions with Foxtel in our surgeries so that you can sit back and watch your favourite shows while the Dentist works away.

Root canal treatment is generally successful with good care and often lasts for many years. If the tooth is beyond saving our Dentists may offer other treatments such as implants or bridges.

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